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Lasting relief from Varicose Veins in less than 1 hour

Varicose Veins are usually heriditary and develop over many years. Results with traditional treatments such as vein stripping and sclerotherapy are often disappointing and can take many months of treatment and recovery.

Our varicose veins treatments are the most effective available and are usually completed in under 1 hour with minimal or no discomfort and often without the need to take time off work.

We are the experts in how to get rid of varicose veins and venous insufficiency without old fashioned varicose vein surgery and the associated discomfort and long recovery.

We specialise in advanced laser vein treatment for varicose veins as well as other alternatives including glue for varicose veins.


Radial laser fibres are used for Endovenous Laser Ablation to speed recovery.
Venaseal - Cyanoacrolyate Embolisation (Vein Glue) may be a suitable option and now attracts Medicare rebates.

Before & After Results

Symptom relief from varicose veins can be life changing as can cosmetic improvements.


Results obtained from single endovenous laser ablation and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy treatment, no vein removal.


Results obtained following several sessions of endovenous laser ablation and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy without any vein removal.

Leg Veins are all we Treat

The best results in life come from total commitment and passion. Dr. Matar is hands on treating Varicose Veins full time and is passionate about providing the best Varicose Vein treatment possible. His personal journey led him around the world to seek out the best treatment and training for himself in this rapidly evolving field of medicine.

Many doctors treat veins as a sideline and are more focused on arterial treatments, cosmetic medicine, skin medicine, pain management etc. and may not be up to date with the latest vein treatments available.

We are Perth's only dedicated Vein Clinic, highly specialised in treating leg veins which is why we lead the field with our advanced Varicose Vein treatments including:


Dr. Luke Matar personally checks all ultrasound scans prior to any Varicose Vein treatment to maintain quality control and ensure every patient is correctly diagnosed and optimally treated.
the vein clinic

5 Important Reasons to Treat Your Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are not simply a
cosmetic concern but rather a sign of
Venous Insufficiency a medical
condition that can lead to leg ulcers,
venous eczema and venous thrombosis.  Download our free ebook to learn
why you should consider treatment.


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