At The Vein Clinic, Perth - we receive a number of FAQs from our patients.

FAQ Videos: Learn more about vein treatments

Frequently asked questions answered by Dr Luke Matar from the Perth Vein Clinic.

There are different types of vein treatment options that are all minimally invasive and can be done on a walk in and walk out basis. 

In this video, I discuss how varicose veins occur, the contributing factors and treatment options available at The Vein Clinic.

Can I go straight into exercise after treatment?

Are varicose veins genetic?

Preventing varicose veins - is it possible?

Varicose veins: What are the health risks?

Vein stripping: Why is it a treatment option of the past?

Tips for healthy veins: Why walking is important

Can I go straight into exercise after treatment?

Will I need time off work?

Injections for vein treatment - will it work?

How much does vein treatment cost?

Do I need to go to hospital for vein treatment?

How effective is vein treatment?

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    Please Note: Spider Vein treatment is offered as "finishing touch" following varicose vein treatment, not as stand-alone treatment.