Initial Consultation

What should you bring with you when you come for an initial appointment?
initial consultation

What to bring

When you come for your first appointment please remember to obtain and bring the following:

  • Referral letter from GP, family physician or other doctor.
  • Medicare card.
  • Private Health Insurance information.
  • Copies of any X-ray, MRI, or CT scan results and any other relevant information.
  • A copy of your previous operation report if you have undergone surgery elsewhere.
  • A list of any medications, herbal supplements and complementary medicines which you are currently taking.

What should I wear to my first visit?

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and modest underwear as you will be asked to undress your lower half so the veins may be examined from the groin to the ankle clinically and with ultrasound.

You may also be asked to spend a few minutes “warming up” on our treadmill to prepare your veins for scanning.

What should I expect during my first visit?

We ask that you arrive 20 minutes prior to your consultation to complete a questionnaire outlining your general, medical and surgical history.

Dr Luke Matar will go through your history and perform a thorough examination of your problem or concern. A Doppler Ultrasound study will usually also be performed to investigate the status of your veins and general suitability for treatment.

Depending on the complexity of your vein condition, you may require a more comprehensive vein mapping study to accurately plan the exact nature of any treatments. Please note, some patients may require this complex and highly specialised scan to be undertaken over two sessions by our doctor or sonographer.

After ultrasound diagnosis of your vein problem, you will be informed of the suitable treatment options available to you. A quote for your tailored treatment plan will be provided.

In order to obtain all the information we need to provide this detailed assessment, you should allow 2hrs in total so it is not recommended you try and risk a 60 or 90 minute free park but rather obtain a ticket for 2 – 3 hours if coming by car.

Please note that on your first visit a 45 minute scan followed by a 45 minute consultation are usual.

No treatments will be performed during this appointment.


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