We work hard to save you time and money.

The Vein Clinic specialises in providing the most effective and least invasive varicose vein treatment methods available. All investigations and treatments are delivered onsite at our state-of-the-art clinic, saving you time and money.

The overall cost of varicose vein treatment can vary greatly depending on the extent of the abnormal leg veins, the method chosen and number of vein treatments required.

Typically the range of out of pocket costs will be:


From $30
(If over safety net)


From $70
(If over safety net)

Spider Vein

From $500 per 20 min session (No Medicare Coverage)

Varicose Vein Treatment

From $1000
(Per Leg after Medicare)

Out of pocket costs = Upfront cost less Medicare and safety net rebates (applicable to Australian Medicare Card Holders).

Treatment costs for the less severely affected leg may be less 

Health Care Card Holders and those already having reached the safety net may experience lower out of pocket costs.

Please note private health funds often contribute to the cost of compression stockings worn after treatment but not the treatments as these are performed out of hospital on a “walk-in walk-out” basis in our custom-built vein clinic in Subiaco.

    Discover the best treatment & price for you

We do our best to inform ensure you of ALL the costs associated with your vein treatment.  The exact costs can only be confirmed in person once we clearly know your vein issues and your goals for treatment.

Any quote you obtain without an in person consultation will be just an estimate and usually do not take into account many of the components of care you may require.



Factors effecting the varicose vein treatment cost

Treatment is very individualised and depends on the extent of the vein problem, the method of treatment, the number of treatments required, the time taken for each treatment, the expense of the consumables used and your individual healing.

The treatment options and costing can only be determined after we have performed a detailed scan and consultation and determined what your desired outcome and expectations are.

The final total cost to fully treat your legs will also depend on your desired "end point".

If your goal is symptom relief, this can usually be achieved in one treatment.

If you goal is a "cosmetic outcome", costs will depend on how extensive the varicose and spider veins are and how many treatments and types of treatment are required to obtain the desired result.

There are also a number of steps and associated costs other than the main treatment cost that may apply in achieving the final desired result. If comparing costs between clinics you need to compare "apples with apples" and consider the total "out of pocket" expense for ALL of the costs DIRECT & INDIRECT below.

Health Funds - only cover more invasive vein treatment

The newer vein treatments including endovenous laser have been designed and classified as an outpatient procedure, this is to reduce overall costs on the health care system (admission fees, bed fees, theatre fees, anaesthetist fees etc.). Therefore, the cost of these procedures is not covered by private health insurance. 

Health funds will often contribute up to 80% of the cost of stockings worn following procedures.

Health funds will however cover old fashioned surgical stripping performed in a private hospital but cost savings may be minimal (if any) when ALL costs are considered (see below).

There is a Medicare rebate for most of the non-surgical procedures however it rarely covers even the costs of consumable items let alone the overheads of providing a state of the art treatment centre with modern laser, ultrasound, safety equipment, premises, insurance, staff etc. This of course means that out of pocket expenses are encountered.

SCLEROTHERAPY CLINICS: There are other options

There are some clinics that offer a “one size fits all” approach to varicose vein treatment. They offer “foam sclerotherapy” as a stand-alone treatment for everyone and claim results are “just as good as laser without the expense”. This is not supported by the medical literature, international experts or from our experience in seeing a large number of patients coming to us for second opinion after “failed treatment” at such clinics.

SECOND OPINION: Please let us give you our opinion

We do see patients from time to time that have been to another practitioner and were not happy with how they were treated (usually rushed through a 5 minute consultation) and wish to have a second opinion and quote for treatment.

If you have seen another practitioner and have a written quote for laser treatment we will offer a “free” second opinion and quote subject to conditions below*.

If your assessment and quote are more than six months old, a small out of pocket fee (< $150) will apply.

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