Bulging veins

Distorted, enlarged, twisted veins above skin surface

Bulging veins

Bulging veins: What are they?

Bulging veins can affect your confidence during Summer, preventing you from showing your legs. But beyond the cosmetic aspects, bulging veins can be a symptom of an underlying health problem.

In most cases, bulging veins are the external symptom of deeper vein problems in your legs, and they are often the most visible result of a condition we call “varicose veins”.

Causes of bulging veins

Bulging veins occur when blood starts to pool in the veins of your leg, because of a malfunction in some of the valves. Your veins have small valves, that regulate the flow of blood in the right direction (being in the direction of your heart). When your calf muscle contracts, the valves in your veins open, and blood is sent upwards to the hart.  When the calf muscles relax, gravity takes care of the blood falling back into the feet.
When there is a problem with these valves, they may become “leaky”, and blood isn’t returned to the heart like it should be. As a result, blood now pools in the legs, causing bulging veins (or varicose veins). This is called venous reflux.

Why should I take care of bulging veins?

Bulging veins can trigger other health concerns in your legs. If left untreated, they may get inflamed, and cause inflammation in the surrounding skin. Other possible consequences of bulging veins include leg swelling, skin discoloration and ulceration, and venous thrombosis. In some cases, varicose veins may lead to spontaneous bleeding.  

It’s recommended to work on the underlying causes of bulging veins, and to gently abolish the venous reflux. A thorough ultrasound and clinical assessment is always the starting point, before you make a decision about any recommended treatment option for bulging veins.

Bulging veins

Why The Vein Clinic?

At The Vein Clinic, Dr Matar and the team focus on helping patients with bulging and varicose veins, working on the underlying causes and reducing discomfort and suffering for our patients. Dr Luke Matar builds on his over 20 years experience in diagnostic ultrasound and procedural ultrasound, and frequently liaises with leading vein experts around the world to make sure he is offering the most advanced treatment options possible. In fact Dr Matar has pioneered some world leading treatments here at the vein clinic and will be presenting five talks at the prestigious UIP vein conference in Melbourne in February 2018.

If you are in doubt about treatment options for your vein problem, contact The Vein Clinic Perth today and speak to our friendly receptionists to book an appointment.

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