Inflamed Veins

Vein inflammation caused by varicose veins

Inflamed veins

Inflamed veins in brief

Inflamed veins are always a symptom of an underlying vein problem. Inflammation in your veins and the surrounding skin is a consequence of venous reflux or venous insufficiency. At The Vein Clinic in Perth, we commit to maintaining the highest level of diagnostic accuracy possible. As a Radiologist, Dr Matar scans patients himself, to confirm sonographer findings and determine the best way to treat your veins. Other doctors relying on a sonographers diagram simply cannot offer this level of expertise and highly accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment.  

Once the cause of your inflamed veins is determined, The Vein Clinic can help you choose the most suitable, minimally invasive treatment option from our wide range of vein treatments.

Causes of inflamed veins

Vein inflammation may be the indicator of an underlying problem called venous reflux. Venous reflux occurs when blood pools in your veins (in the legs) instead of flowing back upwards to the heart.  The reflux happens when the valves in your veins are malfunctioning, not pushing all the blood upwards as they should. This condition is often the underlying cause of varicose or bulging veins.

If varicose veins and the underlying venous reflux are left untreated, other symptoms may occur.

They can range from minor discomfort (itchy or heavy legs) to a more serious problem (inflamed veins) to venous thrombosis (blood clots).

If you notice abnormal swelling, or twisted veins above the surface of your skin, you may also notice tiredness in the legs, or ulceration and skin discoloration or venous eczema.

Treatment of inflamed veins

With inflamed veins, the priority is to obtain a clear, accurate diagnosis. At The Vein Clinic, we use our experience in Radiology, and a thorough ultrasound assessment, to get a clear picture of your underlying vein problems.  Only then can we make sure, that you are given reliable and complete information about the deeper causes.

At The Vein Clinic we offer a wide range of vein treatments, and we have a particular expertise in ultrasound assessments and ultrasound-guided treatments.  

Inflamed veins

About The Vein Clinic

Dr Luke Matar is a Radiologist and has over 20 years experience in diagnostic ultrasound and procedural ultrasound. He is one of the most highly trained specialists using endovenous laser treatments in Australia. He is an invited speaker at international vein conferences and at the forefront of minimally invasive vein treatments in Australia and indeed the world.

At The Vein Clinic our focus is not only on giving you a reliable and thorough assessment. We focus on minimally invasive treatments, providing immediate relief from vein related aches, pains and itches.  Because the treatments are minimally invasive, you can avoid hospital admission, and you will recover fast so you can keep living your everyday life.

If you have inflamed veins, contact The Vein Clinic today to book your appointment.

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