Itchy Legs

Itchy, sore, heavy and tired legs

itchy legs Itchy legs

Itchy Legs and your veins

Itchy legs can be a minor discomfort, or they can become a real concern. If you experience itchy legs and notice any visible changes in veins in your legs, then it may be recommended we assess you at The Vein Clinic.  Itchy legs can often be connected to a vein problem, and if left untreated this vein condition may cause other, more serious symptoms and health concerns down the track such as pigmentation, swelling and ulceration.

What does it mean if I have itchy legs?

Itchy legs can be caused by other factors, but may be linked to venous reflux. Venous reflux occurs, when the valves in your leg veins stop functioning properly. Instead of regulating the blood flow towards the heart, they now cause the blood to pool in your legs because they are “leaky”. This is what may cause heavy, tired or itchy legs.

If you also detect a change in the veins at the surface, on the skin of your legs, then this may be another indication of an underlying vein problem. Varicose or bulging veins will then be a visible sign of venous reflux, and in some cases the condition can cause other, more serious symptoms. These include swelling, spontaneous bleeding, blood clots (venous thrombosis), skin ulcerations and skin thickening or discolouration.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s recommended you see us for an ultrasound and clinical assessment of your vein health.

What to expect?

When we perform an ultrasound assessment, we will get a clear view on your individual vein condition. We will also check your family history, or any aspects of your medical history that may put you at risk of developing a vein condition such as varicose veins.

Then, we will guide you through the list of possible treatments for varicose veins or venous reflux, including the latest, innovative and minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment options. They require only a minimal downtime, so after your treatment in our state-of-the-art clinic, you can return to your everyday activities without a hospital admission.

Itchy legs

About The Vein Clinic

Dr Luke Matar is one of the most highly trained endovenous laser specialists in Australia. He was trained by Professor Mark Whiteley, the world renowned expert in Endovenous Laser Ablation. Having experienced varicose veins himself, and having witnessed his father suffering from the condition, Dr Matar made a deep commitment to providing excellence in non-surgical vein treatments.  

If you have itchy legs and think you may be suffering from venous reflux or varicose veins, contact The Vein Clinic Perth to book an appointment today.

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    Please Note: Spider Vein treatment is offered as "finishing touch" following varicose vein treatment, not as stand-alone treatment.