Sore legs

Aching and sore legs & underlying vein problems

Sore legs

Sore legs and vein problems

Sore legs can be a sign of underlying vein problems. Sore legs, or heavy, tired, aching and itching legs, can go together with symptoms on the surface, like ugly veins.  Bulging veins, or varicose veins, are a consequence of venous reflux.

So what is venous reflux?  This is a malfunctioning of some of the valves in your leg veins. The valves normally regulate the blood flow so it flows in the direction of your heart. When the valves become “leaky”, blood starts pooling in your leg veins and this is what causes a heavy or tired feeling and the sore legs you may be experiencing.

It is important to look at the underlying causes, and to get a thorough ultrasound assessment, so your doctor can make accurate recommendations for the most suitable treatment.

What if I have sore legs?

Sore legs as a symptom of venous reflux may mean that you need vein treatment. If left untreated, venous reflux can cause more symptoms and discomfort, such as swelling, venous eczema, skin discoloration and ulceration, and spontaneous bleeding.

Even if sore legs are only a minor discomfort, it’s important to also check for visible signs of a vein condition: if you have varicose or bulging veins, or small spider veins, they may indicate a problem with the “bigger branches”, the main veins in your legs.

Vein treatment and sore legs

Symptoms such as sore legs can be treated with minimally invasive vein treatments, if they are linked to venous reflux or varicose veins.  At The Vein Clinic Perth we will always start with an ultrasound and clinical assessment. Dr Matar will then present treatment options suitable for your personal situation.

We offer a wide range of endovenous treatments, the full range of treatments available in Australia. They also include minimally invasive and non-surgical options, and we will take the time to go through the treatments best suitable for your individual vein condition. We will also look at results that can be achieved, and ensure that you understand how the treatment works or what to expect, and that you are comfortable at all times.

Sore legs

Our commitment to your vein health

At The Vein Clinic we are committed to offering you a tailored treatment, so you can enjoy the most lasting results with the least discomfort and downtime. While some clinics offer a “one size fits all” approach, we make our recommendations based on a thorough ultrasound assessment of your legs, and offer a wide variety of treatment options.  If you experience sore legs or any other of the symptoms of varicose veins, contact The Vein Clinic Perth.

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