Heavy and Tired Legs

Symptom of Venous Reflux or Venous Insufficiency

Heavy legs

Heavy legs and your veins

Heavy legs can be a symptom of an underlying vein problem. If you experience heavy or tired legs, then this may be caused by excessive blood pooling in the veins of your legs. This symptom often occurs in combination with other sensations or symptoms: aching, sore or itching legs, pain and cramps, when disease is advanced discolouration or skin ulceration around your veins may occur. Sometimes you will notice bulging veins above the skin surface of your legs. It is recommended to get your legs and veins assessed by your doctor, to avoid chronic vein problems.

What if I have heavy legs?

If you have heavy legs combined with any of the other symptoms, you may be suffering from venous reflux. This is when the valves in your leg veins are not functioning properly, causing the blood to pool in your legs. Normally, the valves regulate the blood flow in the direction of the heart. This condition of the valves in your veins is called Venous Reflux or Venous Insufficiency.

It is often the underlying cause of varicose or bulging veins.

Attending to the underlying vein problem is important, to avoid more complications, if the condition is left untreated.  Venous reflux may cause swelling of the legs, venous eczema, venous thrombosis (blood clots) and spontaneous bleeding.

Where to start?

An ultrasound assessment will support the diagnosis, and it will tell you if the sensation of heavy legs is linked to venous reflux.  A thorough clinical assessment will help us recommend the right treatment for your particular vein problem.

At The Vein Clinic we also use the latest, innovative, non-surgical treatments to treat venous insufficiency. This means that your treatment does not have to involve surgery, or a stay at the hospital. You will be able to continue your everyday life and return to work soon after your procedure.

Heavy legs

Why choose The Vein Clinic?

The Vein Clinic Perth is a state-of-the-art clinic founded and led by Dr Luke Matar.  As a Radiologist, he is well placed to perform the ultrasound assessments in person, giving you a detailed and meticulous overview of your personal situation. Many other specialists rely on sonographers for your diagnosis ; at The Vein Clinic Dr Matar scans patients himself, with the intention to confirm what the sonographer had found, and to maintain the highest possible level of diagnostic accuracy.  If you suffer from heavy and tired legs, or any other of the symptoms we described, please contact The Vein Clinic for an appointment.

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