Ugly Veins

Swollen, bulging, twisted or spider veins

ugly veins

Ugly veins in brief

Ugly veins can affect your freedom to wear Summer outfits, your self esteem and they can also cause discomfort, tired or itchy legs.

It’s recommended to get a clear diagnosis of the underlying vein problems you may have, before making a decision about possible treatments.

If you have enlarged, bulging veins, or small spider veins, chances are you want to do something about what you consider “ugly veins”, and that you want to enjoy a healthier looking pair of legs.

Before thinking about the cosmetic side of your treatment, it’s useful to understand the underlying causes of a vein problem.

Causes of ugly veins

Ugly veins, or bulging, distorted veins, are caused by swelling inside your veins, and by blood pooling in those veins of your leg (varicose veins). You may feel that the symptoms get worse in hot weather, or after a long period of standing or exercise. As you elevate or rest your leg, you might see that the symptoms are less visible.

So what causes these ugly veins? Unidirectional valves in your veins regulate the blood flow. When there is a malfunctioning, less blood returns upwards (to the heart) and pools in your legs, which causes the swelling or the bulging veins.

It’s important to understand the underlying causes and to get a comprehensive ultrasound assessment, looking at the deeper veins which may be causing ugly veins at the surface.

What can be done?

At The Vein Clinic Perth we start with a clinical assessment (using ultrasound and our experience as a Radiologist). This gives you an accurate diagnosis so you can make a well informed decision about treatment options.

Traditionally, vein surgery used to be the most widely applied treatment for varicose veins. Radiologists like myself have pioneered non-surgical treatments over the last decades, and because these treatments are minimally invasive, they will not affect your everyday activities and your lifestyle.

These treatments rely on skill with ultrasound diagnosis and ultrasound guided intervention.  

ugly veins

How we can help

As a Radiologist, Dr Luke Matar has a particular interest in minimally invasive treatments for ugly veins. For him, this is about optimising your overall health, looking at the underlying venous reflux problem. At The Vein Clinic we use the most innovative technology and we keep updating our knowledge and expertise, exchanging experiences with other vein experts around the world. If you want to get your veins fixed, and you also want to keep living your everyday life, contact The Vein Clinic Perth to book an appointment.

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    Please Note: Spider Vein treatment is offered as "finishing touch" following varicose vein treatment, not as stand-alone treatment.