Varicose Veins

Enlarged distorted, twisted and bulging veins that are swollen and raised above the surface of the skin.
Varicose veins

Varicose veins: What are they?

Varicose veins are enlarged, bulging, twisted/knotted and distorted veins that lie just beneath the skin. They may be blue or purple in colour and can appear like ropes under the skin.

They are more prominent in hot weather, and after long periods of standing or exercise, varicose veins tend to reduce in size with rest and leg elevation.

The good news is that minimally invasive treatments are now the prefered alternative to traditional vein stripping surgery. Endovenous laser is the current “Gold standard” to treat the underlying cause of varicose veins in most cases with medical superglue another great option. 

Varicose veins and underlying causes

In most cases, varicose veins represent the distended tributaries or “branches”, coming off larger malfunctioning veins (“trunks”). They are most common in the calves, but can be seen anywhere in the lower leg, depending on what “feeder vein” is malfunctioning.
Varicose veins are always a sign of Venous Reflux, or Venous Insufficiency.

Each vein has small unidirectional valves, and they regulate the blood flow towards your heart. When your calf muscle contracts, the valves in your veins open. This is what allows the blood to flow upwards, towards the heart.  Each time the muscles relax, blood “falls” back toward the feet (helped by gravity).  The valves quickly close, to stop blood from flowing away from the heart.

When the valves don’t close properly, we call it venous reflux (also venous insufficiency or venous incompetence). Blood flows in the wrong direction, and this may cause the blood to pool in the leg, as it is not effectively returned to the heart.  This then causes progressive dilatation of the veins, leading to the formation of varicose veins.  

The best varicose vein treatment is not to simply remove them surgically (as some clinics do), but to eliminate the underlying source of reflux first.

Varicose veins

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About The Vein Clinic Perth

At The Vein Clinic we offer the largest range of minimally invasive treatment "walk- in" " walk -out" treatment options for varicose veins. Dr Matar’s extensive experience as a radiologist and phlebologist having treated over 1000 legs with these "new age" technologies ensures you will receive the highest standard of care for your varicose veins treatment.

Why Chose The Vein Clinic & Dr. Matar ?

  • Precise diagnosis
    • Our Sonographer Ryan is one of the most experienced and talented sonographers in the country when it comes to assessing your veins 
    • Dr Matar also personally checks all scans to ensure accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment planning
  • Streamlined assesment & treatment
    • We limit as much as possible the number of visits to the clinic both for inital assesment and treatment 
    • We often do in one visit what takes up to 4 visits elsewhere
  •  Personalised Treatment Plan
    • We tailor a treatment plan to best treat YOUR individual problems and situation.
    • Treatments are chosen to give you the best possible results in the shortest time possible
  • Unrivalled Commitment & Expertise
    • We are Perth's first and only dedicated Vein Clinic - Leg Veins are all we treat.
    • Dr Matar is passionate and is fully focused on delivering the best leg vein treatments possible
    • Dr Matar is not only highly skilled in advanced Endovenous laser techniques such as perforator ablation but is one of the leading users of cyanoacrolyate adhesive (medical super glue) in the country and sits on the advisory committy of The College of Phlebology for this treatment.
    • Dr Matar has been an original researcher and invited speaker to international medical conferences on innovations in vein treatnment.
  • Comfortable treatment
    • Having undergone the treatments and recovery himself Dr. Matar understands the anxiety and discomfort that can accompany treatment and recovery and takes care to reduce this as much as possible.
    • We specialise in ultrasound guided nerve blocks and other techniques to reduce discomfort and anxiety during your procedures and recovery.
  • Outstanding Results
    • Our results speak for themselves - Visit our case studies to learn more
    • Over the last 500 EVLA cases we have a > 99.5% complete closure rate for treated saphenous veins
  • Cost Effective
    • Our treatments are tailored to not only deliver great results but great value
    • Our expertise and efficiency will generally save you time and money over other providers in the long run
    • Visit our pricing page to learn more  

If you want to start your journey to better feeling and younger looking legs, get in touch with The Vein Clinic Perth today! !

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Preventing varicose veins: is it possible?

In short - yes. However, there are ways to help minimise your chances of developing varicose veins through movement and walking. In this video, I discuss what preventative methods you can take to help reduce your chances of getting varicose veins.

Are varicose veins genetic?

Yes. When you have one parent with varicose veins, then you have a 65% chance of getting them too. It increases to 90% when both parents having them and even a 25% chance when neither parent has them. Therefore, it is not just your genetics.

Will treatment of varicose veins hurt?

Does treatment hurt? In short - majority have very little discomfort. In this video, I discuss the treatment options (such as laser and foam therapy) and what your expectations should be going into treatment.

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