Compression Stockings

Stockings after varicose vein treatment

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings and vein treatment

Compression stockings are often required after your vein treatment, and you will need to wear them for a specified time (usually between 3-14 days depending on your treatment)  to reduce discomfort, and to prevent pigmentation or deep vein thrombosis. Whether you have received treatment for spider veins or varicose veins, it’s recommended to avoid sun exposure in the days after your treatment.

Why compression stockings can help

The use of compression stockings will be one of the recommendations your doctor makes, to take the best possible care of your legs after a vein treatment.  Their elastic structure will stimulate the blood circulation in your legs. This compression of the veins helps the valves inside the veins work properly: their main function is to pump blood back to the heart.  Venous insufficiency or venous reflux is caused by a malfunction in these valves, and causes the blood to pool in your legs.

Compression stockings after your treatment

At The Vein Clinic we offer a variety of “walk in walk out” treatments for varicose veins. Dr Luke Matar provides an in-depth ultrasound and clinical assessment, looking at the underlying vein problem you may have. Large “feeder veins” can have faulty valves, and this may cause the appearance of bulging veins (varicose veins) on the surface.

Depending on your personal situation, your diagnosis and your requirements, we will offer you a range of treatment options, including minimally invasive and non-surgical vein treatments.

Compression Stockings

After your treatment, you may be asked to wear compression stockings for a certain time, depending on the procedure and your doctor’s advice.

About The Vein Clinic Perth

The Vein Clinic was founded by Dr Luke Matar, who has a particular expertise in non-surgical varicose vein treatments. After having experienced varicose veins himself and in his close family circle, he started developing improved versions of existing treatment procedures such as Ambulatory Phlebectomy, building on his experience as a Radiologist. At The Vein Clinic we also offer treatments based on laser for veins, Venaseal glue treatment for veins, and foam sclerotherapy. For all your vein requirements, from the purchase of compression stockings, to an ultrasound assessment of your veins, contact The Vein Clinic, conveniently located in Subiaco, near Subiaco Station.

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    Please Note: Spider Vein treatment is offered as "finishing touch" following varicose vein treatment, not as stand-alone treatment.